Friday, October 31, 2008

Manteca's only bright spot...

Here is my submission for Geotripper's rainbow meme. My wife and I (who coincidentally met on one of Geotripper's field trips) happened to be out and about Lathrop during the heavy rains of April 2006. This photo was the lone bright spot of the afternoon.

We had been documenting for our students the foolish houses being built 60 yards from the San Joaquin River levee near Moss Landing. The same Moss Landing that flooded to a depth of eight feet in 1950. Deep down we were hoping for a small levee breach would wipe out the new house frames before anyone moved-in, saving a lot of folks some hardship down the road. As it turns out, foreclosures in the area have since left many houses abandoned which may be a serendipitous occurrence should a huge flood hit in the near future.

At one point we even saw a double rainbow (see below). Maybe this photo will make the folks at City Hall happy when the next flood hits (The Lathrop City Hall is new, and only several hundred yards from the levee).

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Honeymoon Metaphor?

Responding to MJCRocks' call for photos of memorable trees, I have posted the picture of an amazing cypress tree my wife and I saw on our honeymoon in Olympic National Park. The tree stood strong, even in the face of trying times. Whenever I think back to seeing this tree in person, I can't help but remember thinking how great of a metaphor this tree was for the married life. Stand strong, even in trying times, and you will be rewarded with a life that is large, fulfilling and well-balanced.