Monday, April 13, 2009

Mighty Grand Tetons

What a difference a day makes during the spring in Jackson Hole. Laura and I are crazy reverse commuters when it comes to spring break, choosing to shun the warmth of California for the cold of WHY?oming. Yesterday (first pic) we got to witness the 9myo Tetons in all their Easter glory. Folks from far and wide were utilizing the plowed inner-road of the park that is currently only open to bike & pedestrians.

Today (second pic), we got to see the Moody side of the range from the north side of the park (along with many moose, elk, coyotes and several bison). A storm front was pushing its way in producing billowing clouds and shadows that will make for some amazing b&w photos when I get a chance to tinker with them.

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Garry Hayes said...

Oh, that's nice....and cold looking