Monday, March 1, 2010

Jon Stewart Reads my Mind

Jon Stewart... I LOVE you and the Daily Show. But only in a very scientific way.

And here's Sanchez's mia culpa in which he states he was a bit frustrated trying to understand a whole bunch of "scientific jargon". Oh boy... no redemption for Ol' Sanchez....

And, oh BTW, did anyone happen to stumble across the following tsunami video on Youtube? Great footage, but a bit risky for not knowing exactly what was coming, even if it was the second crest.


Anonymous said...

Sanchez is a dipstick, on many levels. Great YouTube find, by the way. Thanks!

Silver Fox said...

Glad you found this YouTube video, there weren't even many links on twitter to actually tsunami footage. Almost like it didn't happen, just because it was smaller than worst case.